Mortgage Advisory Skills

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Module 1 - Mastering the Inner Game of Advising

They say that selling or advising to customers involves 95% psychology and the remainder 5% is all in the head. Seriously, I've observed top performing advisers who totally have their inner game under control and they use it to motivate and propel themselves. I've also met advisers who can't handle the ups and downs, fail to control their state of mind and buckle under the pressure. Make sure that's not you in this module.


Module 2 - Advising Foundations

Before you begin advising, there's a few aspects you need to build a solid foundation to your advisory process. I'm talking here about your beliefs as a Trusted Adviser, your first impressions, how you infer trust with your customers. With the foundations in place you can begin advising.


Module 3 - Building and Maintaining Your Client Base

Without a customer, there's really no point. Obvious really, however many advisers neglect this area and expect to be flooded with new business. And they're wrong. This module explores how the professional adviser can effortlessly attract new customers and build a client bank.


Module 4 - Customer Needs, Wants and Motivation

People aren't the same, obvious really, but many advisers fail to adapt themselves to different people's ways. This module explores a clever tool which allows you to quickly elicit the values of your customer, their motivation and adapt the manner in which you deal with them. This is rapport on steroids.


Module 5 - Exploring Customer Needs

I once heard the phrase, back in the 80's, when I began advising and selling mortgages and insurance, that the sale is completed during the factfind. This is true. A solid factfinding is the backbone of the advising process and this module will share the skills you need to achieve this. And it's not just a case of filling in a form.


Module 6 - Recorded Interview with a Protection Selling Expert

This short video based module will teach you tips and techniques to successfully sell life and health insurance to your mortgage customers. Paul Archer interviews live on Skype an expert who has been advising protection for over 20 years and is extremely successful and well thought of by his hundreds of clients. Paul asks a series of questions to reveal all of our expert's secrets and tips. There are 17 short (2-3 minute) video clips in total to view


Module 7 – Gaining Commitment

You're a regulated mortgage adviser, but you're also a salesperson. Don't get hung up on this word it's quite acceptable and unless you achieve numbers of mortgages you won't achieve your goals. This module shows you how you can gain commitment and close without coming across as "salesey"


Module 8 - Presenting Your Package of Advice

Features and benefits are so "last century", Nowadays we need to ensure our customer's aims and pains are solved with our advice, not trying to sell a product by making it appear glossy and benefit laden. That's old fashioned and best kept in the last century. This module explores how plus ideas and methods to help you move the advice presentation to a successful conclusion handling all the questions and issues the customer may have.